Abdullah Khan, Fine Arts Class of '14, in Group Exhibition at Goethe Institut Barcelona, Spain


Abdullah Khan, aka Abi Tariq, Fine Arts class of ’14 will be exhibiting a performance piece developed in collaboration with artist Honi RyanNotes on Not-Knowing, a telepathic encounter at the Goethe Institut Barcelona from November 6th 2015 through January 31st 2016.

The group exhibition entitled Utopian Tomorrow, The Transart Experience explores “The concept of Utopia as a good place (eutopia), a space for artistic and cultural harmony, a stimulus for exploration and projection, is necessary for re-thinking the ways of constructing current and future realities.”

Abi Tariq is a conceptual artist concerned with alternative modes of communication. His recent research situates his practice within the overlap between mysticism and the absurd. Through existential thought, mixed media installations and performances he uncovers an awareness of already embedded unconsciously assimilated understandings present in our relations. He claims organic telepathy to be a mutual understoodness nurtured over time through intimacy. Born in Karachi, Pakistan and based in Paris, Tariq is currently pursuing an MFA at the Transart Institute, Berlin/New York. His consistent geographical displacement makes it imperative for him to create site/culture-specific and collaboative work.

Utopian Tomorrow, The Transart Experience
Goethe Institut Barcelona
Roger de Flor 224, 08025 Barcelona, Spain
Opening night, November 5th 2015
November 6th 2015 through January 31st 2016

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