Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Klaus Fruchtnis Exhibits at EP7 Paris

in transit

“Frequency, codes and data on the horizon” curated by EXO GALLERY

Klaus Fruchtnis presents a net art based piece made in Macromedia Flash Interaction. Created during a residency program at the New Zealand Pacific Studio in Masterton, NZ – in transit is an image-lab whose versatility and instantaneous nature mirror the rapidity of change in the world.

It is also a suspension on time with new perspective and vision, another reading of the new territories. These new visual territories highlight the beautiful, perplexing and sometimes disturbing elements of this space, but they also explore the surreal quality of the imaginary world. More about in transit.

A project from Artplateforme and a stellar group of artists at EP7 Paris. You are welcome to join the opening on September 1st at 7:00 pm onwards. With international artists: Pascal Dombis, Yanieb Fabré, Fleury Fontaine, Klaus Fruchtnis, Kamilia Kard, Laura Mema, Manuel Minch, Sabrina Ratté, John Sanborn, Remi Tamburini, Miyo Van Stenis and Roger Vilder.

Courtesy of the Harddiskmuseum.