Chair of Foundation Chloe Briggs Donates Artwork to Charity Event 'One Out of Ten'

one out of ten artwork
©Chloe Briggs

‘One Out of Ten’ is a charity sale of artwork organized by the association Parlonz’En, which will be held at the Mairie de 5eme of Paris on November 15-16, 2019. This project aims to contribute to medical research against endometriosis.

Chair of Foundation Chloe Briggs has donated her drawing for the cause.

A Chronic disease, endometriosis causes intense pain during menstrual periods. It also impacts the lives of women through other manifestations; infertility, infection, digestive disorders, fatigue.

Unknown to the general public and still difficult to diagnose, it nevertheless affects one in ten women of childbearing age.

The artworks for auction will focus on the theme of the representation of the Woman, in a figurative or abstract way, her body, her sexuality, her maternity, her intimacy, her strength and the heredity of the disease.

“It’s not just a feminist cause, it’s a humanist cause that concerns our mothers, our sisters, our women, our co-workers, our best friends who are denied the right to a normal life”
– Imany, singer and ambassador of ENDOmind.

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