Class of '14 Alexander Asvarischtsch Presents his Second Collection: Borrowed Love

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BORROWED LOVE © Alexander Asvarischtsch / Photographer: Rasmus Luckmann

Alexander was recently featured in Less Magazine to discuss his creative process and thoughts on the current state of the fashion industry.

This week, HYPE BEAST announced his second collection: Borrowed Love. And since Alexander is all about details, he’s given HYPE BEAST a full fantasy regarding the collection’s inspiration:

[Borrowed Love is] a range of looks inspired by a story of a young man manipulating his way into living with a rich elderly woman in order to take advantage of the lavish lifestyle they share and surrounding himself with her ever-growing wardrobe. However, the young man finds himself gradually gaining affection towards the woman while he continues exploiting her wealth. With fear of her response towards his true intentions, he copes with alcohol and prescribed medications.

Alexander collaborated with Copenhagen-based jeweler Peter Hertz for this project.

Additionally, the collection will be displayed at CIFF RAVEN: the menswear area of CIFF  (Copenhagen Internation Fashion Fair).

Read the full article.

See more of Alexander’s work.

ASVARISCHTSCH is scheduled to launch in Autumn/Winter 2017, stay tuned!

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