Class of '17 Ruhi Amin Co-Creates: Slanted House Collective

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‘these here spilt voices’

Featuring artwork & performances by Ruhi Parmar Amin (class of ’17), Beatrice Duncan, Judy McNicol (class of ’18), Walker Greene (class of ’18), Marcus Scott Williams, Sarah Maxwell (class of ’16), Larissa Fantini (class of ’17), Charlie Clark, Katya Costa (class of ’17), Malique Lee, Tom Moore, Emma Dwyer, Guillermo Adrian and more…

Slanted House collective, co-created by Ruhi Parmar Amin and Beatrice Duncan, will be having their launch exhibition from February 22-25, 2018. The vernissage night, Feb 23, will include performances, readings and the distribution of the Slanted House zine Issue 1. Join us to celebrate a group of talented individuals and queer creators.

Slanted house manifesto

Slanted House is a white wall, a lit stage and an open door.

Slanted House is a multi-platform collective in Berlin that makes space for talented individuals and queer creators.

We curate live events consisting of readings and performances as well as exhibitions. We seek painters, sculptors, coders, film makers, musicians, poets, writers, performers, dancers and thinkers.

We use the term artist freely at Slanted House. We offer access to a space to express your ideas without imposing restraints from the art world. We do not postulate any pre-existing requirements.

We love the novice, the undiscovered, the wild and the potent.

We do not cling to normative criteria of what it means to be an artist or what it takes to have your work be seen.

Its creators, B and Roo (writer Beatrice Duncan & artist Ruhi Parmar Amin) have both come from artistic backgrounds branching into philosophy, fine art, gender studies, conceptual art and writing. Fresh out of university, they noticed a lack of space for young artists to exhibit their work, their perspectives and their identities. The urgency for Slanted House came from these artists’ desire to create a platform where innovative voices and conventionally unseen perceptions of the world are shared.

Slanted House’s first show takes place in February at Circle1 Gallery, Berlin. The theme/question posed at the launch is: what does it mean to be a contemporary subject? Issue 1 of the Slanted House zine will be available at the exhibition.

A space for new expression, Slanted House seeks to ignite, motivate and connect a community of diverse creators.

-B and Roo

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