Collective Recollection: MTNM Core Studio presentation, workshop led by Michael Selam


Collective Recollection is an abstraction starting from personal memories, combining audio and visual elements to create a collective recollection between the artists and the participants.

Unlike short-term memories, long-term memories have a physical presence in the brain, and aren’t dependant purely on specific patterns of activity. Neurons make new physical connections and synapses with each other when a new long-term memory is formed. This connection endures whether it’s being used or not.

Based on the concept of self reinforcing memories and the human tendency to project one’s personal experiences on others, a new visual identity of collective recollection will be made.

Participants who interact with the multi-sensory installation become the conduits to the artists’ physically attached memories. The physical interactions with the artists’ memories, participants create another physical memory within themselves through their body and mind.  Participants create a chain reaction by connecting impersonal collective to new and personal. The collective memories will translate into personal physical experiences creating a chain reaction between the installation and the audience.