Essay Contest on The Future of Real-World Environment with Augmented Reality

CG Trader, parented by Intel Capital, is a large online platform that provides 3D models. Each year they run a scholarship contest. This year’s topic: “The Future of Real-World Environment with Augmented Reality”.

Have you ever wondered how computer-generated objects can change the environment around us? They are already widely used in many fields like shopping, aviation, gaming. When pilots are landing or taking off, they can see a path on the runway that helps them maintain a safe flight; people can try to fit furniture into their homes by using various apps on their phones or tablets. All of this is called Augmented Reality and it has way more possibilities than we can imagine. AR makes our physical world more extensive by adding digital objects.

They are asking students to question how and where AR will take us into the future. The best entry will win $2,000 to be put towards academic expenses. Two runner ups will receive $500 each.

Essays must be within 500-1000 words. The deadline for submissions is December 2, 2019 (12:00 AM Monday, PST).

For more information about the scholarship and the terms and conditions, please visit:

Best of luck to all applicants and happy writing!