Summer Program Frequently Asked Questions


Please see below for the answers to common questions regarding the Summer Program.


PCA continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation, following guidelines issued by the French government and CDC. At this time, we expect the Summer Program to run as planned, and we will adapt as the situation evolves. We have modified our cancellation & refund policy in order to provide our students greater flexibility amidst the uncertainty of this difficult moment.

Please see the PCA Covid-19 Response & FAQ page for up to date information about the health situation in France and safety measures on our campus.

This page was last updated on March 9, 2021.

Signing Up

Where can I find a list of all summer courses on offer?

You can browse summer courses by level, session dates, or subject on the Summer Program page here. You can also view a list of all summer courses in an interactive PDF here – you can click on class names to view individual course pages.

I want to take a PCA summer course, but I'm having trouble choosing. Which course is right for me?

Choosing the right course is a very personal decision. Please read the online course description carefully and peruse the syllabus (available to download towards the bottom of each course page). If you’d like advice on which courses would be the best fit for you, you can email us at with some background information on your past experience and what you hope to get out of the program. We’re happy to help!

Do I have to submit an application/portfolio?

No, you just need to select the class(es) you’d like to take and submit your payment. Any pre-requisites will be specified on the course page.

Can I be put on the waitlist for a class that is already full?

Yes, in certain cases it is possible to be waitlisted for a class that’s reached capacity. However, please note that if we already have several students waitlisted for the class, we may have to deny your request as it is unlikely you’d receive a place. Please send us an email at so we can help you individually.

My child is not yet 16 years old. Is there any way they can still take summer courses at PCA?

If a student is not currently 16 but will turn 16 by the start of their course, they may enroll. Please note that, in addition to being academically rigorous, our summer courses involve outings and independent work time in which students are expected to navigate the city of Paris on their own. We have a minimum age requirement of 16 in order to ensure the success and, most importantly, the safety of every student. If a student’s birthday is right on the cusp and the parents believe that the student has the level of maturity and independence necessary for the program, please contact for further clarification.

I am applying for the Presidential Merit Scholarship. What is the registration process?

PCA offers the Presidential Merit Scholarship to one exceptional student each summer. Students applying for the scholarship should follow one of two processes depending on their personal situation:

Case #1: I am applying for a scholarship and plan to take the course regardless of whether or not I win free tuition.
→ I register and pay normally, and I submit my scholarship application form by April 1st.
→ My spot in the course is now secured, and I will be reimbursed for the full cost of tuition if I win the scholarship. I can now begin to make travel and housing arrangements in Paris.

Case #2: I am applying for a scholarship and will only take the course if I win the scholarship.
→ I submit my scholarship application form by April 1st. I do not register online at this time.
→ My place in the course is not guaranteed unless I win the scholarship. When PCA announces the scholarship winner on May 1st, I will be registered for the course of my choice with my tuition fee waived. I will then make travel and housing arrangements to prepare for my class.

Payment & Cancellation

I’ve selected the course(s) I’d like to take. How do I pay?

You can pay for your course(s) by credit card directly through the registration form. If you are unable to pay by credit card, please contact so we can instruct you on paying by bank transfer. Please note that international bank transfers can incur higher fees, and all associated fees are at the registrant’s expense.

I've chosen my course(s) but I can't pay by credit card. What do I do?

If you have tried to pay by credit card and are encountering an error, please call your bank to find out what the issue is. If you have done that and tried again unsuccessfully, please take a screenshot of your error message and send it to with in copy – we will do our best to help you resolve the issue.

If we are unable to resolve your credit card payment issue, or if you do not have a Visa or Mastercard, we can process your registration manually and permit you to pay by wire transfer. Please fill out this registration form (Word doc format available for download here) and send it to We will then send you an invoice and instructions for payment by wire transfer.

In your wire transfer, please be sure to mention “Summer” and the student’s full name in the subject line/reason for transfer so that we can properly identify your payment. It is IMPERATIVE to identify the transfer with the student’s full name. If a transfer is not identified, Paris College of Art will not be able to credit it to the appropriate student.

Payment by bank transfer must be made in euros, with all associated fees at the expense of the sender/registrant.

How much does each class cost?

Tuition fees are listed with each course; select the credit or non-credit option of your choice.

2-week Courses Early Bird Rate (by Feb. 15): Audit: €1405 | 2 Credits: €1870

2-week Courses Standard Rate (after Feb. 15): Audit: €1650 € | 2 Credits: €2200

1-week Professional Development course for art teachers: 500 | Online option: €300

Does the cost of tuition include flights, housing, meals, etc.?

No, the cost of tuition only includes participating in the course, as well as some optional student life activities such as a Seine boat cruise. It does not include personal expenses such as flights to and from Paris, meals, metro passes, or housing. Housing may be purchased at the time of registration for an additional fee. Please make sure you bring enough money with you for day-to-day needs such as groceries and metro tickets.

I have already registered for a class, but I can’t make it. Can I cancel?

Cancellations must be made in writing to Paris College of Art at with in copy. A confirmation of your cancellation will be emailed back to you.

Tuition Reimbursement Schedule*:

Up to 30 days before course start*: Full refund of tuition including registration fee.
Between 29 and 15 days before course start:
Refund of tuition minus 20% (representing the registration fee), OR apply full tuition to Summer 2022.
14 days and less before course start: No tuition refunds.**

*Tuition refunds will be calculated based on the start date of the student’s first session if the student is registered for multiple courses.
**Please note: As we did last year, we will closely monitor the global health situation and adjust our cancellation policies accordingly. Reimbursement or course deferral without penalty will be granted in the case of covid-related travel restrictions, given that the cancellation request is made in a timely manner following the announcement of such restrictions.

Paris College of Art reserves the right to cancel classes that do not reach sufficient enrollment. In this event, students will be offered the opportunity to register for a different course or receive a full refund for tuition payment. Classes will be confirmed or cancelled by April 15, 2021.

Housing Reimbursement Schedule:

Before end of workday (CET), May 5, 2021: 100% of housing fee

After that date: 0%

Paris College of Art reserves the right to cancel classes that do not reach sufficient enrollment. In this event, students will be offered the opportunity to register for a different course or receive a full refund for tuition payment.

The person who made the initial payment must make the request for reimbursement in writing to the Business Office at Be sure to include to whom the reimbursement should be made, and give all necessary bank details for wire.

The date of your email to the Business Office is the date considered in the calculation of your refund. Refunds will be made within 60 days.

Students who need to obtain a student visa are encouraged to register and submit tuition payment pending visa approval. Should the visa be denied before arrival, tuition fees will be reimbursed with sufficient documentation.

Does PCA offer financial assistance for summer courses?

PCA is proud to offer the Presidential Merit Scholarship to one exceptional student each summer. The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition for one 2-week summer course (contingent upon space available and meeting minimum enrollment), not including materials, housing, meals, or other personal needs. Students who wish to be considered should apply via this form. On the form you will be asked to submit a letter of motivation (no more than 500 words) detailing the course they want to take, why they want to take it, and what the scholarship would mean to them. The scholarship application is due by April 1st, and the winner will be announced by May 1st. If you wish to take a summer course regardless of whether or not you win the scholarship, you should also submit the normal summer registration form in order to guarantee your spot.

Arriving in Paris

I have registered and paid for my course. What’s next?

You will receive an email confirming your registration as well as an invoice of your payment. As we approach the start of the program, we will also send you the login credentials to your PCA summer student portal. There you will find instructions on next steps, including important documents to submit before your arrival in Paris. These documents include:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Visa (if applicable)
  • Headshot-style photo for your student ID (above your shoulders, plain background)
  • Student Participation Waiver
  • Student Housing Release (for students who have reserved Bluestripe or Citadines housing through PCA)
  • Health History & Emergency Contact Form
  • Independent Housing Authorization Form (for minors not staying in Citadines)
  • PCA Terms and Conditions of Enrollment Form

As courses depend on student enrollment, we usually advise you to wait until your class is confirmed early May to make travel arrangements. In 2021 given the covid-19 situation, most airlines offer free cancellations and changes if you wish to book your travel before courses are confirmed.

Do students need to bring their own supplies?

Yes, students provide their own supplies. A list of required materials will be sent to each student before the start of the program. In some cases, classes will take a trip to the art supply store on the first day to buy materials together. Expenses for supplies are estimated at between 30 and 150 Euros.

Do I need a visa for the Summer Program?

In some cases students may need to obtain a visa prior to the start of the program, and visa requirements vary by country. Citizens of the European Union do not need visas. If your passport allows you to come to France as a tourist/for a short stay (usually less than 90 days), you will not need a visa for the summer program. Please check with your local consulate. Obtaining visas takes time, so please apply well in advance. If you are unsure whether you require a visa please contact your local French consulate.

Please note that in light of the covid-19 travel restrictions, some students that do not require a visa to enter France for less than 90 days may still need to present documentation showing their enrollment in a PCA summer course and proof of housing. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what entry requirements there are from their home country and request any necessary documents in a timely manner. Please see here for more information and be sure to check PCA’s Covid-19 Response page for updates.

Can PCA provide a letter of enrollment for my visa application?

PCA can provide a letter of enrollment only after courses have been confirmed on April 15th. Please send a written request to once your course has been confirmed with the details of the type of letter you need. If you need a hard copy by post, please provide your current mailing address.

If my visa is denied, will I be reimbursed?

Students who need to obtain a student visa are encouraged to register and submit tuition payment pending visa approval. Should the visa be denied before arrival, tuition fees will be reimbursed with sufficient documentation that the student submitted a complete application within a reasonable timeframe.

I will be attending PCA with my friend and we have both booked housing. Can we request to be roomed together?

Of course! PCA is happy to accommodate roommate requests made in advance. After registering for housing, please email with the names of the students who wish to be roomed together, as well as the session dates and housing option (Welkeys or Citadines). We can not guarantee any requests made after April 1st, so please let us know any housing requests as soon as possible.

Does PCA provide metro tickets?

PCA does not provide metro tickets during your course. During orientation, we will provide information on purchasing a weekly metro pass (Navigo) or individual use tickets. Please refer to the RATP website for more information about metro ticket/pass prices.


Will classes be taught in-person or online this summer?

At this time, all summer courses are expected to run in-person, with appropriate health and safety measures in place (see here for details about our covid safety protocol). The city of Paris plays an integral role in the hands-on learning experience of our summer students, and we look forward to welcoming you to our campus this summer. As always, we will watch closely to see how the situation evolves and, if necessary, may consider adding online or hybrid course options – please email us if you would be interested in these options, as we take our students’ feedback into account when making these decisions.

There is one online fashion course that PCA offers through Kadenze and that you can take at any time, at your own pace. Please see here for more information.

I want to take a PCA Summer course, but I'm from a country with travel restrictions in place. Will I be allowed to travel to Paris for the Summer Program?

As of June 9th, France has begun reopening its borders to travelers from certain countries. Travel restrictions and entry requirements depend on the health classification of the country, the vaccination status of the traveler, and, in some cases, the reasons for travel. You can find the full strategy for reopening in English here.

Strategy for reopening French borders

It is the student’s responsibility to find out about and observe any entry requirements for entering France from their home country, including but not limited to travel restrictions, mandatory quarantines, covid testing, vaccine requirements, etc. Any student who needs documentation showing proof of enrollment or housing for their visa application must request the necessary documents in a timely manner. International students may still register for the summer program under these restrictions, and if the current rules are still in place in the coming months, you may request a full refund up to 60 days before the program begins. It is the student’s responsibility to request a cancellation/refund by the established deadline.

Please visit PCA’s Covid-19 Response page and the French government covid site for the latest updates.

If I can't attend due to travel restrictions, will I be reimbursed?

If students are prevented from traveling to Paris due to border closures and/or government-mandated travel restrictions, you will of course be entitled to a full refund. We appreciate being informed of this as soon as possible in order to have an accurate picture of enrollment numbers.

As of January 28, 2021, students are still permitted to enter France in spite of border closures. Students are required to present proof of housing and enrollment in an academic program, in addition to other covid testing requirements, upon entry. Please see here for the most recent guidance for foreign students, and please be aware that we do expect the situation to change between now and June. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what entry requirements there are from their home country and request any necessary documents in a timely manner. Updates will be posted regularly on PCA’s Covid-19 Response page.

What happens if the Summer Program is cancelled due to covid-19?

At this time, we expect to run the Summer Program as planned. If extreme external circumstances such as covid-19 force us to cancel classes and/or the program in its entirety, students will receive a full refund for course tuition, including all registration fees. Alternatively, students may apply their tuition to Summer 2022.

What health and safety precautions will be in place during the program?

The health and safety of our students and faculty are our number one priority. Specific safety measures will be announced closer to the start of the program when we have a better idea of what the health and vaccination situation will be. As of now, we have reduced the total number of classes to allow permit classes to spread out and work in multiple studios, as well as lowered the maximum number of participants to 10 students per class to allow for proper physical distancing. Students and faculty will be required to wear masks when working in close proximity, and faculty have been encouraged to spend as much time as possible outdoors in open spaces. Students and faculty will be required to wash their hands frequently, and they will not be permitted to share any materials. As always, we will follow official guidelines and adapt accordingly.

Still have questions?

Email us at We’re here to help!