Fine Arts Class of '13 Kaamna Patel and Kristina Chan at E.Space in Marseilles, France

Kaamna Patel and Kristina Chan - Asterism
© Kaamna Patel and Kristina Chan - Asterism

They will be taking part in a hybrid cultural event whose program includes: a yoga workshop, a graphic design and street art workshop, live projections and photography, video, and sound installations.

Kaamna and Kristina will be turning a shipping container into a planetarium with an audiovisual installation of their Asterism project with a sound piece by Rahul Nadkarni. ‘Asterism’ was previously shown in Mumbai in August 2016. You now have the opportunity to catch it in Marseilles, France!

“Asterism” is a collection of limited edition, pigment prints on Japanese Washi paper. The pieces are based on imagery sourced from the Hubble telescope, which were then recomposed and reproduced by hand as screen prints by the artists.

What present day hopes, fears, myths and aspirations would we project onto the skies if we had to redraw the constellations?

The interplay between the ancient and the modern, the traditional and the contemporary, both in concept and medium mimics the artist’s re-imaginings of contemporary culture’s constellations.

These new constellations reflect our society today in all its brevity, satire, beauty, and collapse.”

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Congratulations Kaamna and Kristina! Check out more of their work on their respective websites.

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