Interior Design Project Communication Course Takes Place at Michelak Masterclass

Last week, as part of the Project Communication course, the interior design department took a trip to famous chef Christophe Michalak’sMasterclass bakery. PCA student Claire Johnson recounts the day:

Our first assignment in Project Communication is devoted to architectural hand drafting conventions and practices, including on-site surveying. Due to the generosity of the Michalak Masterclass bakery, we were able to survey the three-room space designed by the architectMarie Deroudilhe.

Luckily, we were able to conduct our survey before the doors were open to the public, but this meant that we only had fifteen minutes to survey each room. Armed with our tape measures, laser pointers and measurement charts, we worked together to take as many measurements of the two kitchen spaces and the store corridor as we could. The Masterclass staff was also working furiously to get everything ready before the morning opening. The staff was very accommodating even as we were trying to measure the counter-tops and ovens they were using.

After our forty-five minutes were up, we returned to school with notebooks full of scribbled measurements and simple diagrams. Now we must use our survey results to draw scaled floor plans and elevation drawings of the Masterclass space. At the end of the assignment we will be able to compare our drawings to the actual blueprints to see if our survey was a true success.

Claire JohnsonInterior Design class of ’18

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