Jacquelyn Chow, Fashion Design Class of '15, Represented by District Showroom at New York Fashion Week

© Jacquelyn Chow

Jacquelyn Chow, PCA Golden Thimble winner 2015, will be represented by District Showroom for the Spring/Summer ’16 New York Fashion Week.

Her collection will showcase at the Chelsea White Space, which District Showroom describe as “raw and minimalistic.”

District Showroom is a luxury concierge showroom working with international press and retailers. They represent forward thinking fashion, organic beauty, and accessory lines.

New York Fashion Week Dates:
February 10 – 18, 2016
Chelsea White Space
530 West 25th Street | 1st and 2nd Floors
New York, NY 10001

See Jacquelyn’s entire collection at www.jacquelynchow.com.

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