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On a recent Saturday in late September, PCA students met at the Canal de L’Ourcq to partake in one of France’s favorite pastimes: an afternoon picnique, with pastis and pétanquePétanque, or boules,as it is sometimes called, is a outdoor game similar to bocce or horseshoes, where players compete to toss metal balls as close as possible to a target, known as the cochonnetPétanque has been around since the 1800s, but has been making a recent comeback in Paris, and on sunny days Paris is filled with pétanque players of all kinds, from old men to hipsters and families.

Pétanque is easy to learn but difficult to master, and is much a social activity as it is a sport. Join us next time for charcuteriepastis and friendly competition! For more information about the PCA Pétanque Club, email or contact

You can see more photos of the PCA Pétanque Club on our Instagram account, @paris_edu.

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