MA/MFA Professional Networking Series Open to the PCA Community

Jacob Thomas Simpson, Urban Planner and PhD Candidate

Usually reserved for MA/MFA students, the listed ‘Professional Networking Series’ sessions are open to the PCA community. Professionals from the Parisian art and design world introduce students to their professional practice and engage them in practical exercises preparing them for the job market.

Instructors are drawn from a broad range of fields: photographers and videographers; designer and architects; galleries, museums, auction houses, and private collections; art fairs and international exhibitions; art dealers; curators; historians; journalists and iconographers; artists; magazine editors; I.P. and licensing lawyers, etc.

On Thursday March 26, 2020, we welcomed Jacob Thomas Simpson, Urban Planner and PhD Candidate.

Check your PCA email accounts for links to join:

Thursday April 09, 2020
Camille Gajate

Founder of BZH PHOTO open-air festival in Brittany / Program Coordinator at Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation in Arles

Thursday April 16, 2020
Petronella Wijers
Lecturer, Trainer & Adviser Luxury Brand Management

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