MTNM Lunch Talk Presents: MFA Transdisciplinary New Media Class of '19 Dami Kim

The Transdisciplinary New Media Department hosts Lunch Talks once a month. They are designed to foster knowledge, sharing a casual conversation with designers, curators and artists. Lunch Talks are open to all! Join us on Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 1-2pm for a Lunch Talk with Dami Kim.

Dami Kim questions our emotions and social interactions post-social media culture. In out flow between the real and virtual spaces, she creates performances and installations. Her mediums are bodies of both herself and audiences. She focuses on bodies’ primordial senses to break norms and logic in relationships. In her Line series, she imitates a performer’s movement to understand and draw his interior features. It goes beyond his digital public persona. Dami’s practice engages perversely with vice and virtue of our contemporary morality and contributes to Eros.

Born in South Korea, July 1993. Dami holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Transdisciplinary New Media from Paris College of Art.

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