Paris Photo 2016 at PCA

One Minute Sculpture workshop by Marie Breton

Every year during Paris Photo, the Photography Department at PCA organizes events that provide students opportunities to expand their horizons. This year, we welcomed two partner schools on campus, BTK Berlin and London College of Fashion to explore and work together on an artistic cross-pollination between European capital cities.

Students attended workshops run in conjunction by faculty from the three schools: “I’ll be your mirror” with Gabriel Jones (PCA) and Andrej Glusgold (BTK), asked students to build working tandems and make portraits of each other in the vicinity of the campus, trying to catch the spirit of the portrayed person in an equivalent place in the urban landscape.

Susan Bright (PCA), offered the MA students from both London College of Fashion and PCA a workshop on “Curating Photography”, taking them to gallery spaces around Paris to look at how both fashion and non-fashion images operate in the public spaces, with the aim to contextualize the curatorial intent and highlight the logistics to consider when looking at photographs in a gallery or museum setting.

The program finished with a “One Minute Fashion Sculpture” workshop by Paul Bevan (LCF), where students were suprised by a more perfomative approach to fashion photography and film, based on Erwin Wurms’ “One Minute Sculptures”, series of 60 second poses where the body is often placed in unexpected relationship with everyday objects, and results in ephemeral sculptures which only exist as photographs or film. The workshop appropriates the idea into a fashion film and photography context.

As a Photo Paris experience would not be complete without an exhibition, students and faculty from Paris, Berlin and London displayed their best photographs in PCA’s gallery, Espace F15, in a culminating show around the theme “Blurring the Lines“.