Patricio Sarmiento, Director of PCA Masters in Acccesories & Fashion Design Professor, interviewed at Revelations, Fine Arts and Creation Fair


Recently, PCA Fashion Design David Klibanoff interviewed Patricio at the Revelations Fair at the Grand Palais.

Patricio took part in the exhibition with Taïwan: les savoir-faire du bambou, which presents a series of functional pieces, varying from an iPhone case to a voluminous chair. The show revolves around Taiwanese craftsmanship – utilizing bamboo, patterns and artistry, as well as Parisian creativity. Patricio is inspired by cultural exchanges, leading him to design objects representing the interaction between craft, design and environment.

D: Do you find it difficult for a Fashion Designer to jump between fields?
P: If you know the principles of creation and design, then it is an easy transition.

D: What do you think about when you create?
P: I always think about the user, functionality and purpose. I was a dancer for many years and that makes you aware of space and of your surroundings. When I make clothes, I always have in mind that they need to be worn. I would never make an object, design or garment without offering it a function?

D: Do you find collaborations valuable?
P: Sometimes, the source of creation can be collaboration. When I worked with these craftsmen in Taïwan, I was extremely inspired by the way they worked with their material. The craftsmen then became a source of creation and creative drive.

D: What qualities should a designer possess?
P: A designer should be aware of the content of his design and the lifestyle of his client. He should be conscious of the world around him and where he is in it. A designer needs to be capable of adapting. All these qualities are required to become a good designer.

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