PCA Chair of Fashion Design Donald Potard Hosted the Webinar "The Next Revolution in Fashion Design"


On June 6th, PCA offered its first webinar on the ‘Next Revolution in Fashion Design’ with PCA Chair of Fashion Design Donald Potard.

“The fashion industry moves very quickly: there is a revolution every ten years. The two previous ones were in fashion distribution (90s) and marketing (2000s). Today, a new pattern is emerging. There is a strong and growing demand for innovation and for the newest and most interesting products, and it is clear that the next revolution will come from technology.

Fashion designers, students and faculty must be prepared for this revolution, and the demand for designers with these new skills, who can master the latest techniques, is rapidly increasing every year.”
–- Donald Potard

In this webinar Donald Potard talked about the next revolution of the fashion industry, the skills that will be needed in the fashion industry of the future, and how you can get them!

In case you missed the webinar, check out the video: