PCA Chair of Liberal Studies, Barbara Montefalcone Publishes Paper on New York-based Italian Book Artist Elena Berriolo

Les temps du livre

Barbara Montefalcone, Chair of Liberal Studies, has recently published a paper on New York-based Italian book artist Elena Berriolo.

Issued from a talk given at the INHA-Institut National d’Histoire de L’Art in Paris in the occasion of the 2012 international conference “Les Temps du Livre” (The Times of the Book), Barbara’s paper explores the relationship between time, music, dance, drawing and sewing in one of Elena Berriolo’s most fascinating artist’s books: Allegro Moderato (2011). The book was inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach’s Violin Concert N° 1, Allegro Moderato and by its interpretation by choreographer Marco Pelle. It displays an amazing series of pen and watercolor drawings combined with perforations, stitches and patterns made with a sewing machine.

More on elenaberriolo.com

Full reference:
Barbara Montefalcone. “Allegro Moderato, ou l’art de tisser le temps dans les livres d’artiste d’Elena Berriolo” in Les Temps du Livre. Paris: Presses Universitaires de Nanterre, 2016.

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