PCA Department Chairs Chloe Briggs and Véronique Devoldère Drawing Residency at Dovecot Studio in Edinburgh, Scotland

We drew a garden - Chloe Briggs and Véronique Devoldère collaboration

PHANTOM LIMN; a collaborative investigation into drawing.

Chair of Foundation Chloe Briggs and Chair of Fine Arts Véronique Devoldère have embarked on a drawing residency program with Dovecot Studio in Edinburgh, Scotland. They will be working with six other artists from the UK and Europe. They will be producing images inspired by each other’s ideas, tools, and methods, as well as developing new approaches to teaching art.

“Their ambition for the project is to challenge habitual processes by working in close proximity, using drawing to explore the way other artists think and make. This will be the first time these artists have worked together.”

-Dovecot Studio

Anyone can drop by between 2pm and 5pm to watch the artists work. Students from Edinburgh College of Art will be there to discuss the progress of the collaborative project with visitors. PCA also has an exchange program with Edinburgh College of Art!

This is also an opportunity for art professors to forge new approaches to experimentation and learning, which Chloe and Véronique will bring back to PCA!

We drew a garden – Chloe Briggs and Véronique Devoldère collaboration at PCA

Participating artists:

Stuart Bennet, Edinburgh College of Art
Chloé Briggs, Paris College of Art
Kelly Chorpening, University of the Arts London
Véronique Devoldère, Paris College of Art
Rebecca Fortnum, Royal College of Art
Dean Hughes, Edinburgh College of Art
David Mackintosh, University of Central Lancashire
Marc Nagtzaam, Sint Lucas, Antwerp