PCA Faculty Catherine Guesde presents Within the Sound: Drone & Spectral Music


In the second half of the 20th Century, as minimalist painters were exploring textures and colors through monochromes, musicians started exploring the internal richness of sounds. Musical sounds contain many other tones (partials, harmonics) – in the same way that light is an addition of various colors. Spectral music quits assembling different notes in a melody in order to focus on the internal properties of sound (timbre, harmonics…). This involves new ways of composing music, of writing it, and maybe new ways of listening. Christophe Guiraud will guide us through an exploration of the inner richness of sound, and will let us into the studio of the spectral music composer, showing us what it is like to write spectral music today.

Previously an electronic music composer, Christophe Guiraud now writes for contemporary ensembles such as Ensemble Ictus, Ensemble 21 or Sturm und Klang. His music combines electroacoustic elements and classical instruments, and explores phenomena such as feedback and resonance. His next two albums will be issued on the Belgian music label SubRosa.


Within the Sound: Drone & Spectral Music
November 16th, Room 406
10:30 to 13:00

Open to Students, Faculty and Staff.

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Faculty and Students.