PCA Faculty Tara Bogart Featured on Strange Fire Collective Website

Strange Fire Collective

Tara Bogart, photography professor and lab technician at PCA was recently interviewed by Brian Pfister, member of the Strange Fire Collective.

The Strange Fire Collective is a US-based group of interdisciplinary artists, curators, and writers focused on work that engages with current social and political forces. In this interview, Tara speaks about moving from Milwaukee to Paris and how it affected her art making. She shares insights about some of her work, including “Related Women”, “The Burden of my own Immoderation”, as well as her photo series available in her recently published book, “A Modern Hair Study”, inspired by a Felix Nadar photograph seen during a visit at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in 2011.

Read the interview on Strange Fire 

Check out more of Tara’s work on her website.