PCA Liberal Studies Chair Barbara Montefalcone Publishes Anthology on Gervais Jussaud


Barbara Montefalcone, PCA Chair of Liberal Studies, has recently published an anthology entitled Global Books Anthology: Gervais Jassaud’s Limited Edition Books with Anglophone Authors. The publication is devoted to the books that Jassaud completed with Anglophone authors and testifies to the publisher’s long-life interest in poetry written in English (and in particular in American poetry). The Anthology collects poems by John Ashbery, Charles Bernstein, Régis Bonvicino, Mónica de la Torre, Yao Feng, Peter Gizzi, Vincent Katz, Jerome Rothenberg, Raphael Rubinstein, Ko Un and John Yau.

Barbara’s other publications include The Art of Collaboration, which explores artists’ books.

Published: February 29th, 2016 3:50PM