PCA x Beckmans School of Art and Design x Institut Suédois Project to Partake in Paris Design Week 2018

crédit Sarah Colford (3)
Image by Class of '18 Sarah Colford

In Spring 2018, Interior Design students worked on a design project in collaboration with Beckmans School of Art and Design, and the Institut Suédois of Paris. This project will be part of Paris Design Week 2018!

8 design students of 5 different nationalities have accepted the task of collectively creating a new interior design for one of the Institut Suédois residences – a flat with an entrance, a kitchen, and a large living area.

How could they give a strong personality to a space already steeped in history, while creating an interior that can be personalised by each artist or researcher in residence so that they feel at home for 2 to 4 weeks?

Carte blanche was given to the students, and they will be presenting their work in progress in one of Institut Suédois galleries. With: Ayushi ChaudharySarah ColfordGurbaaz DuggalMarta GawronskaElin Lindström, Vera PanichewskajaSara Sjöbäck and Ella Westlund.

Please RSVP. 1 invitation is valid for 2 people.

Image by Class of ’18 Sarah Colford