Senior Harriet Ryu Interns at Jeschkelanger Through our Partners at ABI!


Fine Arts senior Harriet Ryu interned at Jeschkelanger through our partners from ArtBound Initiative this summer 2019. Jeschkelanger is a Berlin based artist duo founded by Anja Langer and Marie Jeschke.

“I was assuming I would be interning for them in a way we see in movies; getting coffee, making phone calls and answering emails which I was totally okay with. However, they included me in every process they were going through, all the projects they were participating in, and eventually collaborated with me as an artist to artist, which led us all to be participating in the Venice Biennale. As a student still studying the arts, they had opened a huge door for me.” 

Read more about Harriet’s experience here!

ArtBound Initiative (ABI) is a career accelerator in Art x Design which offers customized internship placements for students and recent graduates in creative hubs around the world.

Internships can be year-round from 2 months up to a year. PCA has partnered with ABI to include guaranteed scholarships for current students and recent graduates.

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