Semester abroad: blog post #1

Juliette Copenhagen

PCA Bachelor of Fine Arts students have the opportunity to study abroad in their Junior year, for one or two semesters, at a range of great schools throughout the world. Through our great partnerships you will be able to broaden your horizons even further, and add another international location to your CV.  If you are interested to find out more please email:

In this new blog Juliette Vuillaume will fill us in on what it’s like to study in a new location, and how it has helped her with her studies in Fashion Design, as well as the important life lessons she is learning along the way!

Hello, Bonjour. Here is a brief intro on myself… My name is Juliette, and I am a student at Paris College of Art. I study fashion design and design management. I would say that my ‘speciality’ that I take on personally is sustainability and biomimicry. My school and I discovered that there was a special exchange semester in Copenhagen at KEA on sustainable fashion. I am so happy and appreciative that PCA allowed me to go to school and pursue this program here in Copenhagen. I am French and American, I am from California, but my parents are french which allows me to speak both languages fluently.

In this blog I would like to talk about my life here in Copenhagen, how I deal with my issues, language barriers, school, social life, cultural differences, etc…

Let me begin my adventure when I first landed here in Copenhagen. I actually arrived directly to Copenhagen from Thailand (I was on winter break), and it was an extreme weather change, which then made me catch a slight cold. Right when I arrived we started Global Week where I met so many people internationally, just like at PCA, however here I am the only American. We began learning a little bit about the ‘Danish Way’ of life here.   Here are some examples:

Everyone here bikes, I am not kidding. 55% of people in Denmark commute by bike. The city is made for biking, with bike lanes, and has special laws for bikers.  If you do not follow these rules you will be fined.

  • You must learn certain hand signals
  • You must have a red and white light on your bike once the sun goes down… which is early right now
  • You must stop at the red lights
  • You must not be more than one person on a bike
  • etc…

Women leave their children in strollers outside of stores. I am not kidding, the stroller is parked outside the store, clothing store, grocery store, etc. They leave their baby in the stroller. People have implicit trust in other people here.

These are the things I noticed right away…

Well until next time…Farvel (Which is goodbye in Danish)