Study Abroad in New York

Leyla photo 1

Hi! My name is Leyla Imamutdinova and I am a student at Paris College of Art. I study Communication Design. Not that long ago I discovered that our school has an opportunity to do a study abroad program during the junior year. I immediately started searching for different schools, and learning about the countries that they are in. The choice was difficult since there are many options in many greatplaces, completely different from each other.

One day something reminded me of my long conversations with my friends, describing their experiences of living and studying in New York City. Soon after I was already reading and looking at videos about life in New York City. I just got this feeling that I had to experience this place for myself.   I had never been to the United States before so I immediately realised that this was a great opportunity, not just to study and learn new skills but also to explore a new place where I wouldn’t usually be able to visit.

Through talking with others, and a lot of research, I found out about a few schools in NYC but when I watched a video about the Pratt campus and saw examples of the students’ work, I quickly understood that this place was worth a visit.  In certain ways Pratt is the complete opposite of PCA – it is a massive school with many different campuses and many majors, but there are few things that they have in common: both of these schools have positive working atmospheres, where everyone is constantly working on something, the hallways are always loud with people discussing their projects and art in general, and people are just as responsive and open.

This is my fourth week of studying and I am already immersed into projects, many readings and exploring new museums and locations of NYC.  It all started in the middle of August at 8:12pm with this view outside of my dorm where I will be staying for a year. This is how my journey began.