'Unrelated Exchange': Senior Fine Arts Degree Show


Paris College of Art presents: a group show produced and curated by the Fine Arts graduates of 2018. This interdisciplinary show exhibits the works of six individual artists, who have been producing within a shared space of collective thoughts and communal making.

Vastly different physical and conceptual works will be installed. A hybrid of practices contextualised into a singular space. Unrelated Exchange presents the co-exisiting and multi-disciplinary practices of young artists today.

Carole Dana was born in 1996 in Beirut, Lebanon. In the spring of 2018 she will receive her BFA in Fine Arts at Paris College of Art, and later that year will be receiving a Diploma in Film from the SAE Institute. Dana’s latest show “Cabinet of Curiosities” took place in Galerie Joseph in March 2017. Her main practice includes photography and video, where she tackles controversial and difficult themes related to her past experiences.

Ethan Logan is a North American multi-media artist currently working with reclaimed industrial objects, trashed electronics, and natural elements to create sculptures and installations. By using these ‘waste’ materials, Ethan forms a new purpose within each work produced. He questions the morals of mankind, the inert versus the living, and the roles they play in our environment. Ethan’s interest stems from the various outcomes and prophecies of apocalyptic tales. He opens the door to a fictional narrative, allowing the audience to connect and build their own interpretation of the works.

Jorge Ayllon is a Paris based Peruvian artist born in 1993 in Lima. He is currently studying to graduate with a BFA in Fine Arts at Paris College of Art in 2018. He has exhibited his work at Corriente Alterna in Lima, Peru, during his first years of studies. His paintings and installation’s often use color as a tool to develop and express his own forms of language and communication.

Judy McNicol was born in 1996 in Scotland. McNicol has been included in various exhibitions including “Non-Subjective Location Investigation” (solo) at First Site, Melbourne AU, “Displacements” at Le Pavé d’Orsay, Paris FR, and “These Here Spilt Voices” at Circle 1, Berlin DE. McNicol works within a hybrid practice with a focus on installation. She works by examining everyday occurrences and objects, and believes that to look and see are driven by vastly different motives. She considers that to look is merely to glance in a specified direction – but to see is to be engaged and to understand.

Philipp Schroeder, is a German-American mixed media artist, with a focus between painting and sculpting. He explores the physicality and materiality of gesture. The process of creation is the source of his making. Schroeder’s most recent works are slip clay draperies that deal with movement and space.

Walker Greene was born in 1996 in the United States. In 2018 they will receive their BFA in Fine Arts at Paris College of Art. This degree also includes a year of studying Printmaking at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Greene has been included in “These Here Spilt Voices” at Circle 1 in Berlin, Germany, and has co-curated “They, Them” at Neo Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska.Their work is derived from their own identity and experiences; focusing on gender, sexuality, and the human condition.

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