Winners Announced for PCA/Terra Foundation Undergraduate Research Project


Winners have been selected to participate in the PCA/Terra Foundation Undergraduate Research Program.

The participating students are:

Beau Gomez – Group Leader (Certificate, Art History)
Hemma Khevenhueller (BFA, Art History, Theory and Criticism)
Heejae Jung (Study Abroad at PCA, Art History,)

These students will have the opportunity to work as a team and conduct high-level research on a specific topic related to American Art. They will have free access to the Terra Library Collection and will follow a one session training with a librarian who will introduce the collection and the research facilities available at the Terra Foundation. They will then conduct their research independently and under the supervision of the Liberal Studies Chair, and finally present their findings in English to an audience of art history students coming from Université Paris Ouest Nanterre-La Defense on April 7th, 2016.

PCA Terra Foundation Final Presentation
April 7 2016, 16:00
The Terra Foundation for American Art
121 Rue de Lille | 75007 Paris